The Crown: Shout Outs

I completed the full season of The Crown and got pretty sucked in towards the end.  There are gorgeous manors and castles and palaces throughout, so here is just a hodgepodge of things that stood out to me.  

The sofa fabric in Clarence House is lovely.  I can now see why this style of furniture was once considered high class, before it's descent into 90's Country Style.

These lamp posts are exquisite.

Best two minutes in the whole show is when Elizabeth goes to her underground fashion lair for a dress parade. 

If I dig deep down, I can honestly say I might murder someone for this wallpaper.  

Lucky for me, two weeks ago Town & Country Magazine posted and image of Aerin Lauder's office on Instagram, with a wallpaper credit, which lead me down a Google rabbit hole until I discovered Lee Jofa's Beaujeu Wp Multi.  It is the wallpaper of my dreams. 

Mozart in Venice


Mozart in the Jungle, one of my favorite shows, is back, and the season kicks off in Venice with one of my favorite rooms!

 Mozart in the Jungle: Season 3, Episode 1 - The home of La Fiamma!

Mozart in the Jungle: Season 3, Episode 1 - The home of La Fiamma!

Stripes on top and white marble on the bottom!  Yes please!  Notice how the stripes are made from fabric, instead of paper, with upholstery ribbon around the edges.  And even the door to the kitcen is upholstered to complete the perfection.  

Also, shout out to this opera house where each seat is an armchair.  

This is Too Young

I don't typically comment on fashion, but what the hell is going on with this look?!  

 Younger: Season 2, Episode 9 - Understated office fashion....................NOT!

Younger: Season 2, Episode 9 - Understated office fashion....................NOT!

Liza is a woman in her 40's who is pretending to be in her 20's to work an entry-level job in publishing.  I get that she needs to embrace millennial fashion, but this is a horse of a different color. 

The Crown

I watched the first episode of The Crown, on Netflix, and enjoyed it, but if you have to pick one drama about a young girl being unexpectedly elevated to Queen of England, watch Victoria.  

Or maybe I am just biased because the entryway at Buckingham Palace was hideous.

This is a gross mix of colored marble and hotel carpeting.  

At least we got to see the most lux operating room of all time:

WikiLeaks, and unexpected Newel Post

Wasn't expecting to post anything from the documentary We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks (2013), but inspiration can be found in mysterious places.  Notice, over this warmonger's shoulder, the outlandishly ornate newel post (I lightened up the image so you can get a better look).  

A newel post is the piece at the end of a staircase.  They don't have to be fancy but this one is over the top.  It looks like it is brass and would have felt more at home on an early steam engine.  

We Need To Talk About This Kitchen

 We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011) - Home of a woman, doing her best

We Need To Talk About Kevin (2011) - Home of a woman, doing her best

This is a kitchen in a large suburban home that has been lived in by a family with two kids for roughly eight years.  Notice anything strange?


There are no appliances, no pitchers, no knife block (which I personally hate because there is always a knife block), etc.  You can see from this other angle that the cabinets are barely full, with some of the shelves completely empty.  

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011) is a dark and intimate film.  The filmmaker was clearly detail oriented, which makes me think that this barren kitchen was a choice, but I can't figure out why?  Totally distracting in an otherwise exceptional(ly terrifying) film. 

American Horror Story: Window

If you know me, you know that I am always checking out people's windows.  I can't pass a window without objectifying it.  And the window in the new American Horror Story: Roanoke (Season 6) farmhouse is particularly eye-catching .  

After watching the first episode, I was convinced that the window was flipped (in a spooky way) when looking at if from the interior:

But then in episode two I was able to grab his shot, so the upside down one must be somewhere else in the house.  Haven't gotten my bearings in this set yet.

The Good Bow Tie

In the first scene, in the very first episode of The Good Place (an insta-favorite for me), Ted Danson rocks and amazing peacock bow tie, and I wanted it for my cat.   My cat wears a bow tie 24/7 and a peacock one would really bring out his eyes.  

My guess is that the one on the show is this $200 one from Neiman Marcus, but that's a little rich for pet cloths, so I found a $10 runner up on Etsy

Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo

I was poking around for some good Australian programming and stumbled on a mini series from 2011 called Paper Giants: The Birth of Cleo.  Set in the late 70s, it's about a badass woman, Ita Buttrose, who launched a woman's magazine called Cleo a few months before Cosmopolitan was set to launch in Australia.   I guess if I was Australian I would know that Cleo is the shit.

Ita struggles in a world of mid-century minded men who don't seem to get that she's right.  She's always right. 

 Ita keeps her face a mask while she is once again dismissed for her lack of testicles.  

Ita keeps her face a mask while she is once again dismissed for her lack of testicles.  

The color pallet is so striking that even when characters are walking down the street or standing around, the tone of the times shines through.

Duvet: The Whole Truth

Just watched the trailer for the new Keanu Reeves/Renee Zellweger film, The Whole Truth.  Even the presence of a dead body could not distract me from the Peacock Citrine Duvet from Dwell Studios.  I have had my eye on this duvet for quite sometime, and it is always stunning, even in Renee's basic bedroom. 

If the bright yellow scares you (pussy), the print comes in a more neutral pallet:

Office Shaming

Over the past decade, there has been a public discourse about body shaming, emaciated models, and the wide spread use of photoshop.  We dissect people's cosmetic enhancements, and show no mercy when someone is caught touching up their body on Instagram.  And yet, we let office shaming go unchecked, making us all feel like sloppy tech-horders.  Well enough is enough!    

I was merrily scrolling through Facebook the other day when I was assaulted by a CB2 ad for their new Flynn Desk ($799).  

Now don't get me wrong, this is an enviable desk, but the photo is of a functionless space, which is crafted to seduce sweet design know-nothings into trying to recreate it. 

First off, there is no storage, so if you keep more than four pens and an afternoon cocktail on your desk, it will be insta-clutter. 

Secondly, unless you are sitting down to catch up on your Victorian correspondence, you will have a computer on your desk, and there will be an unsightly cord.  The person who staged this tableau knew that one cord would ruin the whole illusion, so you will notice the lamp doesn't have one.  And since the desk needs to have next to nothing on it, I think they actually cut the cord off the lamp.  If you need to castrate your lighting to make a desk look good, something is wrong. 

So really, these two aren't so different after all. 

This is getting boring

 The Nice Guys (2016) - A hotel hallways that is OBVIOUSLY in the 70s

The Nice Guys (2016) - A hotel hallways that is OBVIOUSLY in the 70s

This Trippy Orange Wallpaper by Graham & Brown has become the laziest choice for a 1960's or 1970's set.  I have already commented on it in Mad Men and High Rise, but now that it has popped up in The Nice Guys, I'm off the bandwagon.

To make matters worse, Graham & Brown actually brag on their website that the wallpaper is featured in the sitcom, 2 Broke Girls, and include this picture: 

The Nice Guys crash a party

In the film, The Nice Guys (2016) (not recommending!), Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling crash a Porn King's party and it is a 70's delight. 

I thought this would be a Los Angeles location, but I was surprised to learn that this architectural novelty is in Atlanta, and owned by music producer Dallas Austin.  The house has infamously been rented to pop stars like Justin Bieber, Pink, Boyz II Men, Brandy, Monica, Lenny Kravitz, etc. It has been used in other films, like What To Expect When Your Expecting (can't say I remember it in that one). 

Check out Curbed Atlanta for many more images of the house.

It felt rude to write about such bonkers real estate without crediting the architect, but turns out the architect is a whole other story.....

Michael Czysy died this past May from cancer.  He was in his early 50s.  

After design school, his architecture career advanced swiftly, and he did projects like a W Hotel, homes for Lenny Kravitz and Cindy Crawford, etc.  But then, in his 40's, he decided he was done with architecture, and wanted to learn how to design racing motorcycles.  He was very successful.  His obituaries call him a Visionary Motorcycle Designer, and barely reference the architecture faze of his life. 

It's in Italy!

Back in June, Cinespia (an outdoor movie screening organization in Los Angeles), hosted a screening of To Catch A Thief (1955).  The film is famously shot on the French Riviera.  To advertise the event, they posted this picture of a seating arrangement and wrote that there would be a photo booth:

Is there anything more gorgeous?  Is there?  Even though this picture just scrolled by me, it creeped into my subconscious and inspired me to plan my own trip to the French Riviera (in three weeks!). 

Well, today on Conde Nast Traveler they posted a picture of the Il San Pietro di Positano Hotel in Positano, Italy:

 Photo: Dustin Cohen

Photo: Dustin Cohen

.....and wrote that they make "a perfectly simple burrata dish with zucchini, mint, and garlic", so obviously I had to investigate further.....and discovered that the bench is real!!!!!  And it isn't in France!  It's in Italy!

And seeing as I don't leave a stone unturned, this is the burrata (although a different preparation)!!!!

 Photo by Frank Prisinzano, who can clearly die happy because he has eaten an enormous amount of spectacular looking food

Photo by Frank Prisinzano, who can clearly die happy because he has eaten an enormous amount of spectacular looking food

So after dealing with a wicked case of travel envy, I decided to to dig around the internet to check out some Cinespia photo booth pics, and discovered that they didn't recreate this bench at all!  False Advertising!!!!! 

 Cinespia Photo Booth for To Catch A Thief

Cinespia Photo Booth for To Catch A Thief

Formal Garden........

 Roots miniseries, episode one - A beautiful plantation that I can take little pleasure in. 

Roots miniseries, episode one - A beautiful plantation that I can take little pleasure in. 

This garden doesn't hold a candle to the one in Outlander, but it is lovely nonetheless.  However, the whole point of the show is to remind you that slaves prune those shrubs, so it feels wrong to appreciate them. 

Notice that the garden is only symmetrical in one direction.  It so easily could have been "perfect", but is just a little off to keep things interesting.