This is the Start of a Beautiful Friendship

For us, a typical afternoon might consist of wandering around a flea market or thrift store, and trying to get the other to pay attention to an amazing lamp/ chair/ tablecloth/animal scull/ etc.  And we always say, “Gosh! (or in Hillary's case, an expletive)  We need to remember this for when we start the blog!”  Well, today’s the day!

Long story short, we're two friends, kindred spirits linked by design and the entertainment industry (Set Decoration) and bound by our newest endeavor, interior design.

Although our personal styles may feel fundamentally different (relaxed feminine vs. some sort of eccentric opulence), our hearts and taste overlap all over the place. It's not nearly as fun to collaborate with someone who mirrors you exactly, instead of someone who challenges you to incorporate some strange tapestry or warm to a color you formerly avoided. Combine our wide range of style with the wealth of resources, tricks, and pure enthusiasm gained from our years decorating sets, and we're ready to work some serious magic.

This blog will serve as a platform for all kinds of design; from inspiration to commentary to even history and Los Angeles.  The city that informs us every day.

 May all posts to follow make us just as happy as this one.


Hillary & Emma