Elementary, my dears

I want to be up front with you, so my first confession is that I watch a lot of television (and Hillary will read this and nod her head in agreement).   Just accept this so we can still be friends. 

----Now read this bit like it is the closing argument in a courtroom drama:

Therefore, in conclusion, I will be noticing elements in set design, and henceforth share them with you in a series that has been dubbed "As Seen on..."

(I considered calling it "As Scene on..." but I immediately lost respect for myself)

To begin, I present you with a still from the show Elementary (season 1, episode 13).

1.13 2.JPG

I am over the moon about the paint job in this hallway.  Both tones are neutral so the large scale pattern isn't overwhelming.   But the most interesting element is that the pattern tilts slightly upwards--not enough that it is obvious, but just enough that the hallway feels disconcerting.  Look at where the paint meets the ceiling and you can see how the pattern runs into it.  What an interesting way of making a really architecturally boring hallway into a dynamic space.

I rest my case.