And it all comes back to Mary McDonald

So I was watching Million Dollar Decorators (THE BEST SHOW ON PLANET EARTH!)  and there was this one episode where Jeffrey Alan Marks has a client who is obsessed with Mary McDonald and goes completely bananas about one of her lamps (because she is a decorating superstar who also has a line of super fancy retail items). 

As luck would have it, I was watching The Mindy Project, and I noticed that this same lamp (different color) is in Mindy's office.  And I was like, Hold Everything!  That's one of Mary's!


This is the Lamp!

This is the Lamp!

The Mindy Project

I'm sure you thought the case was closed, but in fact, I then trolled the internet to confirm that Mary sells that lamp in that color, and then discovered that the lamp costs $500, and then sighed and dreamed of a time when buying a $500 lamp was a totally normal thing to do.  The end.