Minimalism: WHERE IS THE STUFF?!

I was poking around, and I stumbled on this picture posted on My Minimal Heart:


AND THEN I WAS THROWN INTO A DARK RAGE!!! WHERE IS THE STUFF?  WHERE IS ALL THIS PERSONS STUUUUUFFFFF!!!!!  (stuff stuff stuff stuff stuff.....that's the sound of my voice ricocheting around this empty room)

okay, just breath.... get yourself under control.

I swear, here and now, that I will not post pictures like this, and make it seem like this is attainable by humans (Hillary is still allowed to).  

People own things, and that is nothing to be ashamed of.  Super extreme minimal decor makes the most beautiful photographs, but I would never steer a client in this direction because the second I turn my back they are going to want to :

read a book and put it down when they go to sleep

plug in a phone charger by their bed

not sleep on the floor

Everyone has stuff, and making that stuff look good is, in my opinion, what it's all about.