Mr. Selfridge, why so glam?

Mr. Selfridge, the television show about the opening of Selfridges department store, really looks beautiful.  It is set in London in 1909.  Everything is seamless, but for one set. Harry Selfridge is portrayed as in innovatory and ahead of his time, so his home clearly is meant to reflect this, but I fell they were a touch too heavy handed.  These are images of the grand entryway.   

Mr. Selfridge: Season 1, Episode 1

Mr. Selfridge: Season 1, Episode 1

Mr. Selfredge 101 2.JPG

I know it's hard to tell, but the walls are dark blue tile.  Then there are the brass-like knob ornamentation on the banister.   You can see the floating chartreuse velvet Victorian chaise just peeking out from behind that shadowy figure, and a matching club chair.  

Something about the space feels too glam/ahead-of-it's-time/the-lobby-of-a-W-hotel.  If it is period accurate, then it must be the most cutting edge thing going on in London at the time.