Chalky White's Chesterfields

Boardwalk Empire lost me half way through season three, but due to their recent Art Direction Emmy win, and the death of some tedious characters, I decided to give season four a go.  

Good decision.  The first episode has scenes in the upstairs offices of Chalky White's club, and he is a fan of chesterfield sofas.


I have wanted a classic brown leather chesterfield for some time.  This sofa has perplexing duality.  It seems very formal, but invites you to sit down and relax.  It is used in the most masculine spaces, but has feminine curves.

When I think retail, my mind goes right to  Restoration Hardware, but you have to pay top dollar for that type of perfection.  The sofa to the right is about $3000, and you can't find something comparable for much cheaper (please let me know if you do).

If you are into the style, but willing to compromise, you can find less expensive options in fabric....but not cheap.  

 $1400  Decadent Avenue

Or do something crazy: - pretty hideous.  I want to love it, but can't. - pretty hideous.  I want to love it, but can't.