Shallow Grave's coat of paint

I have been trying to catch up on my 90s classics, so I just watched Danny Boyle's first film, Shallow Grave.  It is a dark comedy where three soulless roommates bury the fourth roommate in a shallow grave, and then spend most of their time in their apartment slowly going mad.  

Luckily for them, the apartment is lovely.  High ceilings, lots of natural light, soothing colors, and minimal clutter.  I am guessing that this apartment was built on a sound stage (but I could be wrong) because there is always light pouring in, but you can't see anything clearly out of the windows.  

Shallow Grave 1.JPG
Shallow Grave 2.JPG
Shallow Grave 3.JPG

Each room has its own dusty color pallet.


One of my favorite paint effects is how both sides of a door are painted a different bold color.  When the door is open, it allows the color from the neighboring room, to spill over.  It turns every doorway and archway into a portal for an accent color.  

Shallow Grave living room.JPG