Windsor Benches

In my post about Matte Black, I posted this picture of a Windsor Bench:

3dd78659189ec2b2aa14c4b6aaa88b04 (1).jpg

There is something about this image that keeps pulling me back.  It's the matte black, and the large art, and that gosh darn bench.  It's not my style at all, but I want one.  

O&G Studio sells this bench, but there isn't a price on the website, which means it's a million dollars.   


I was about to write that I like the O&G bench because of it's low flat back, but then I found this one (which is probably also a million dollars) by Peter Kramer:


My new conclusion is that it's the simplicity and the color of all three of these benches that makes them so lovely.  

When the same bench is in a pale oak, or has too many turned spokes, it begins to feel like it belongs in a 90's entryway.  Case in point: