The Crown: Shout Outs

I completed the full season of The Crown and got pretty sucked in towards the end.  There are gorgeous manors and castles and palaces throughout, so here is just a hodgepodge of things that stood out to me.  

The sofa fabric in Clarence House is lovely.  I can now see why this style of furniture was once considered high class, before it's descent into 90's Country Style.

These lamp posts are exquisite.

Best two minutes in the whole show is when Elizabeth goes to her underground fashion lair for a dress parade. 

If I dig deep down, I can honestly say I might murder someone for this wallpaper.  

Lucky for me, two weeks ago Town & Country Magazine posted and image of Aerin Lauder's office on Instagram, with a wallpaper credit, which lead me down a Google rabbit hole until I discovered Lee Jofa's Beaujeu Wp Multi.  It is the wallpaper of my dreams.