Office Shaming

Over the past decade, there has been a public discourse about body shaming, emaciated models, and the wide spread use of photoshop.  We dissect people's cosmetic enhancements, and show no mercy when someone is caught touching up their body on Instagram.  And yet, we let office shaming go unchecked, making us all feel like sloppy tech-horders.  Well enough is enough!    

I was merrily scrolling through Facebook the other day when I was assaulted by a CB2 ad for their new Flynn Desk ($799).  

Now don't get me wrong, this is an enviable desk, but the photo is of a functionless space, which is crafted to seduce sweet design know-nothings into trying to recreate it. 

First off, there is no storage, so if you keep more than four pens and an afternoon cocktail on your desk, it will be insta-clutter. 

Secondly, unless you are sitting down to catch up on your Victorian correspondence, you will have a computer on your desk, and there will be an unsightly cord.  The person who staged this tableau knew that one cord would ruin the whole illusion, so you will notice the lamp doesn't have one.  And since the desk needs to have next to nothing on it, I think they actually cut the cord off the lamp.  If you need to castrate your lighting to make a desk look good, something is wrong. 

So really, these two aren't so different after all.