The Last Czars


My mom recommended The Last Czars (on Netflix) to me because she knows I have a thing for Russian palaces. The first episode was spectacular so now I’m recommending it to you.

It’s unexpectedly part costume drama and part documentary, so you get all the eye candy while also learning something. It’s always a dance (picture pun!) with shows like this because you never know how far the writers bent history, so the documentary elements give it a trustworthiness that leaves you feeling very smart.

The show starts (and spends most of its time) in good old St Petersburg, land of palaces so wide you can’t fit them in the frame:

the last czars.JPG

Don’t worry, you also get to go inside the palaces.

The Last  Czar 101.JPG

And you get a whole lot of beautiful nature shots when a guy named Rasputin decides to walk across the country.