The Escape Artist

The Escape Artist - Bathroom in at an opulent banquet hall.  

The Escape Artist - Bathroom in at an opulent banquet hall.  

Just watched The Escape Artist, an awesome lawyer/stalker British mini series.  Could someone explain to me what "making silk" means?

Anywho, in the first episode David Tennant leaves his cell phone in a bathroom at a work event (right by the sink), and something about the bathroom really spoke to me.  I love the band of green.  And I love how the tiles have that slightly askew vintage quality.  I love how the sinks are urinal-esque the way they jut out.  And even the soap dispensers are working for me (something I never thought I would say).  

Subway Tile + Dark Grout

Victorian style  kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Victorian style kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

As soon as I get a chance to redo a bathroom or kitchen, I am going to work in subway tile and dark grout.  

This style is called "subway tile" because it was used in the New York City subway stations in the early twentieth century.  It is simple, classic, and inexpensive.  It does not have to be paired with dark grout, but I like the added geometry of it.  And I think it would be great for a bathroom because dark grout can hide a lot of scum.  

Note:  DIY sites say dark grout can highlight sloppy work, so don't phone it in.

Stoker (2013) - Surprisingly, the least creepy room in this house.

Anna Spiro

Anna Spiro

Steven Gambrel

Steven Gambrel


Jeffrey Alan Marks used this look on the show Million Dollar Decorators when he redesigned the bathroom of his Crossfit gym.  He said he likes the look because it reminds him of a 50's locker room in a boys prep school.  

JAM  on Million Dollar Decorators

JAM on Million Dollar Decorators

A Sink to Die For


I started watching this completely hilarious show called Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.   It is about a Sherlock Holmes-type flapper who solves crimes in Melbourne, Australia.  

The series opens on a man dying in a gorgeous old bathroom.  I just love a good washstand sink.  I have had my eye on this Restoration Hardware model for ages, but its a bazillion dollars (on sale for $1395), and only comes in chrome or nickle (and everyone knows I live for brass).

images (1).jpg

I suppose the style isn't for  everyone.  I love all the exposed under bits, but there is no room for storage, and minimal counter space.  In reality, maybe it's more of a guest bathroom sink.