Catherine Martin

Catherine Martin is the Great Gatsby

Catherine Martin (goddess), Jose Rodriguez (besty), and Emma Ross (me!)

Catherine Martin (goddess), Jose Rodriguez (besty), and Emma Ross (me!)

I just got back from the Oscar Nominated Production Design Panel Discussion, where I met an idol of mine, CATHERINE MARTIN!  She has spent the last twenty years creating the visual brand of Baz Luhrmann (production design and costume design), and everything she touches is flawless excess.  

I am proud to say I have seen all of her films in theaters, and she just gets better and better.


*******UPDATE: She won the Oscar for Art Direction and Costume Design!!! I never doubted it for a second.



THE GREAT GATSBY:  It is so beautiful my heart hurts.


AUSTRALIA: The Drover!!!

Howdy Catherine!

Howdy Catherine!


MOULIN ROUGE: It has been over a decade and words still cannot convey how incredible these sets are.

Moulin Rouge 7.jpg
Moulin Rouge 7.jpg

ROMEO + JULIET: I don't know why people bother remaking this.  After hundreds of year, Romeo & Juliet peaked.  

Powerdown 22.jpg

STRICTLY BALLROOM: I actually saw this in theaters.  Thanks mom and dad.


Who is this Gatsby?​

I feel like I have have been holding my breath for The Great Gatsby to open, and it is still weeks away.  

Production Designer:  Catherine Martin

Production Designer: Catherine Martin

I have a particular affinity for deco, so this bedroom renders me speechless.  Who has shirts that are so starched and folded and perfect?! Who is this Gatsby?

All that aside, what got me thinking was how this film is meant to be the embodiment of the Jazz Age.  It is going to be lavishly unrealistic, set to to a hip-hop sound track.  We are meant to feel the same way about the decadence as old time-y people did, but the film is going to have to rev everything up to compensate for our modern sensibilities.   

Is that a zebra in the pool?!  What is happening?!!!!

Is that a zebra in the pool?!  What is happening?!!!!

Coincidentally, I just watched the 3rd season of Downton Abbey (aka Come For The Accents, Stay For The Lamps) which takes place during the same time period.  Downton seems to strive for realism.  In this season there is a young cousin who sneaks off to go to a London Jazz Club (SCANDAL!). 


Look at this party compared to a Gatsby party.  It is very drab and low rent.  However, when this scene pops up in Downton, after being drowned in extreme propriety, it is the bawdiest party in town.  

I guess what I am getting at is that all Gatsby had to do was have the Dowager Countess say some choice remarks early on, and they could have cut out half the glam.  Anything would seem like a Bacchanalia after that.