Match the drapes, to the walls, to the pillows, to the...


Chinoiserie Chic wrote an article about the Manhattan home of fashion designer Elizabeth McKay.  

Her daughter's room jumped out at me because there is a green herringbone pattern (which I like) applied to the walls, windows, bed, shelves.....and who knows what else.  It's hard to get a sense of the room overall. 


Matching fabric and wallpaper has always felt very Baroque to me, like these bedrooms from Versailles:


or 60's/70's: 


I am totally ready to see more matchy-matchy in this decade.  Bring it on. 

I second that.

Chinoiserie Chic posted that his fabric is gonna be big, and I second that.


The fabric is from Design Legacy, and it is called Mandarin Dragons.  It has this amazing watercolor quality, which makes it young and fresh.  The bright colors and energetic animals make it perfect for a kid's room, but it's not limited.  I could see it you used any place that wants to feel classy and fun: living room, office, etc.

I can't wait for this fabric to pop up again!  It could happen any moment.

Calling it: Brushstrokes

Ross Cassidy

Ross Cassidy

One of the stand out rooms in the second season of Million Dollar Decorators (a.k.a. best show ever made for planet earth), was the bedroom and sitting room for Amber Valetta.  The room was designed by Ross Cassidy, the right hand man at JAM.  

It's way too pink for my taste but the brushstroke ceiling is fabulous.  It makes the room.  I just wish I could have found a better picture of it.  

Amber Valetta's bedroom designed by JAM

Amber Valetta's bedroom designed by JAM

I didn't know this was a trend until I saw a post on Chinoiserie Chic which featured burshstroke walls. 

I adore this Kelly Wearstler room.  But maybe I'm biased because I think I could live the rest of my life in only Kelly Wearstler rooms and be happy.    

Brushstroke Wallpaper by Porter Teleo for Kelly Wearstler via House and Home.jpeg

But wait, there's more:

Bunny Williams lamp

Bunny Williams lamp

Julian Schanbel's Gramercy Park Hotel

Julian Schanbel's Gramercy Park Hotel

In theory, you could turn this concept into a DIY project, but if you have lots of disposable cash, you could have your very own brushstrokes walls curtsy of Amanda Nisbet.   

94d0946a4db95539693f8d9e1fa5f811 (1).jpg