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Jazzing things up with tape


It is a common occurrence for a friend of mine to move into an apartment with an unattractive kitchen/bathroom/etc.  They ask me how they can spice things up, and I throw a bunch of suggestions at them: paint/collage/drape/vinyl/etc.  More often than not, they end up learning to live with the eyesore because they are not ready to put in the work/money to try and solve the problem. 

Well, who ever asks me next is in luck, because I am going to suggest washi (after reading about it on Design Sponge) .  It seems like a much more user friendly alternative to vinyl, and a much easier solution than painting.  I am not sure if it ends up being cheap or pricey.  I guess it depends on the project.  

Emma kitchen.jpg

I painted this wall in my dining room the old fashioned way, but I suppose I could have achieved a similar effect from using this tape.   

Speaking of my dining room, I should really write a post about how to paint stripes on a wall.  All in good time.