Mid-Century Mulaney

Mulaney: Season 1, Episode 1 - Gay-old-man-neighbor's mid-century rent-controlled apartment

Mulaney: Season 1, Episode 1 - Gay-old-man-neighbor's mid-century rent-controlled apartment

I watched the first episode of the new sitcom, Mulaney, last night, and it seems promising.  The highlight was Elliott Gould's $80/month apartment (oh magical rent control).  It is decorated in a masculine, layered, mid-century style that I can really get behind.  

Eye-Spy these elements that I love:

Eames lounge chair

Oriental rugs

Abundance of house plants

Successfully executed gallery wall

Brass sconce

Eames, but better


You can purchase these Eames nock-off chairs from Amazon for $173/pair, which is an awesomely inexpensive way to bring icon design into your home.  But the artist, Phillip Estlund, has taken them to the next level.  He cut up paper, collaged them, and then applied a coat of polyurethane.


These chairs are one of a kind and go for $3,600 a pop......and that is just crazy, but it got me thinking that this could be a really amazing DIY project.  Virtually anything would look good on this chair.  Sky's the limit! 

It reminded me a lot of this vintage school chair that had been coated with all canvas prints.  


Designer Chairs: A do and a don't

Amazon is an amazing resource for knock-off designer furniture.

For example, you can purchase these Eames Eiffel style chairs for $90 a piece.     Can you believe it?!


There are infinite pictures of these chairs looking good:

New York Times Magazine via  Feathered Nest

New York Times Magazine via Feathered Nest


And then there is the Bertoia Chair.   You can purchase the side chair for $90 and the diamond chair for $120.  This is a ludicrous steal for such striking design.  


They look amazing: 

Marie Olsson Nylander

Marie Olsson Nylander

via retrospec.co.uk

via retrospec.co.uk

They are even used in the set for the TV show, Suburgatory....sort of.  I know that these are actually Eiffel Wire Chairs.  Think of them as a hybrid of the Bertoia and Eiffel chair.    



However, Bertoia chairs are EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE!!!! Oh my gosh I couldn't believe it!   

Maybe the diamond chair is okay because it is more of an accent piece that you would sit back in, but the standard chair is unbearable.  If you need to lean forward to eat or work at a desk it cuts into your thighs and starts to hurt right away.  The pad doesn't do anything to help the situation.  

Therefore, I can't recommend this chair to anyone, no matter how attractive it is.  Please be warned.