Jack Stand Lamp

Elementary: Season 3, Episode 4

Elementary: Season 3, Episode 4

Couldn't help but notice the jack stand table lamp in the background of a scene in Elementary.  It caught my eye because my friend Nathan made jack stand pendant lamps for his design company, Eastchester & Orange.  

Out of context, there is something surprisingly elegant about jack stands.  They have a balanced pyramid shape with an attractive use of negative space.  

Unfortunately, Nathan has sold out of his lights, but I found a similar table lamp at Conant.

Conant Car Jack Table Lamp $285

Conant Car Jack Table Lamp $285

What's up, Watson?

Elementary: Season 3, Episode 1 - Jane Watson's new bachelorette pad.

Elementary: Season 3, Episode 1 - Jane Watson's new bachelorette pad.

Season 3 of Elementary opens with Watson living in a sweet new apartment, so she can keep Sherlock out of her personal life.  

She seems like she has her life together, so what is going on with the sofa!?  I know the sofa must be expensive, but I do not understand it.  It seems like the arm piece is a dash too small, so it doesn't fit snugly to the back or line up flush with the front.  Or maybe this is a part of sectional that lost a limb.   

What ever is going on, I will keep you abreast of any breaking news.  

UPDATE: Target Art

Only days ago I wrote a post about using shooting targets as art, and then, low and behold, the exact same target popped up in the show Elementary. 

I am well aware that in this case, and the Brooklyn Nine-Nine example from the previous post, the art is in a law enforcement setting.  But I promise that it looks just as good on a civilian wall.  


Elementary: Season 2, Episode 18 - Sherlock Holmes's Living room.  Watson has framed a shooting target as a gift for a colleague who overcame an injury to his shooting hand.  

Elementary: Season 2, Episode 18 - Sherlock Holmes's Living room.  Watson has framed a shooting target as a gift for a colleague who overcame an injury to his shooting hand.  

Art on Easels

In the season 1 finale of Elementary a new set is introduced: Elegant London Art Restorer Flat.

Elementary: Season 1, Episode 24

Elementary: Season 1, Episode 24


Although the easel is functional (and there are many more in other areas of the apartment), it doubles as decorative.  

I have long desired an H frame easel for none practical purposes.  It is an elegant way to display art when you run out of walls.   

prefer the H frame easel over the tripod style.  The H frame has a more intricate design, and can allows the painting to stand upright. A tripod easel tilts the painting back more drastically.  

FYI: To pull this off, the art needs to be BIG and fabulous.  

Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan, CT.  Built  1949

Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan, CT.  Built  1949

The easel concept reminds me a lot of when I visited Philip Johnson's Glass House.  The home is ultra minimal, with no walls dividing the rooms.  To delineate the living room from the bedroom, a Poussin painting was place on a steel stand.  Yes, he had a multi-million dollar room divider.  


Don't think I can't see you Marquis Wool Rug

Elementary - Season 1, Episode 13

Elementary - Season 1, Episode 13

I was watching Elementary  (super enjoyable show), and I noticed this rug in in the foreground of one of the victims/suspects/informants/whatevers home.  I just knew I had seen it before.  My first instinct was Crate & Barrel, but my next guess was West Elm, where I spotted it for $500 (because I'm estimating that the one on the set is a 6x9).

Just to be clear, I'm not saying I'm in love with this rug.  I like that it is neutral while still having a strong pattern, but that aside, all I am saying is I love tv and I love rugs.  

Couldn't quite place the Moroccan shag rug in the background, but I found an equivalent one at RugUSA.  Love this rug, but I I don't think my life can support a white rug, and shag just makes it harder.

Gotcha Copper!

While watching Elementary 1x08 (have I not mentioned how much like this show) the crime cracking duo of Holmes and Watson go somewhere to learn something.  What I learned was that the place they went had amazing copper doors.  

elementary 108.PNG
elementary 108 2.PNG

I mean, look at those suckers!  They are gorgeous!  Have you ever seen such beautiful doors?!

And then, low and behold, HERE THEY ARE AGAIN! 

carrie diaries 107.JPG
carrie diaries 107 2.JPG

This time it's the 80's and they open up to the glamorous offices of Interview Magazine in The Carrie Diaries (Season 1, Episode 7.....and yes I watch that show).

Mad props for to whoever is the location scout on these projects because I would happily live the rest of my life in the presence of those doors.  Keep your eyes out folks because these doors are going places.

Elementary, my dears

I want to be up front with you, so my first confession is that I watch a lot of television (and Hillary will read this and nod her head in agreement).   Just accept this so we can still be friends. 

----Now read this bit like it is the closing argument in a courtroom drama:

Therefore, in conclusion, I will be noticing elements in set design, and henceforth share them with you in a series that has been dubbed "As Seen on..."

(I considered calling it "As Scene on..." but I immediately lost respect for myself)

To begin, I present you with a still from the show Elementary (season 1, episode 13).

1.13 2.JPG

I am over the moon about the paint job in this hallway.  Both tones are neutral so the large scale pattern isn't overwhelming.   But the most interesting element is that the pattern tilts slightly upwards--not enough that it is obvious, but just enough that the hallway feels disconcerting.  Look at where the paint meets the ceiling and you can see how the pattern runs into it.  What an interesting way of making a really architecturally boring hallway into a dynamic space.

I rest my case.