Jeffrey Alan Marks

Subway Tile + Dark Grout

Victorian style  kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Victorian style kitchen by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

As soon as I get a chance to redo a bathroom or kitchen, I am going to work in subway tile and dark grout.  

This style is called "subway tile" because it was used in the New York City subway stations in the early twentieth century.  It is simple, classic, and inexpensive.  It does not have to be paired with dark grout, but I like the added geometry of it.  And I think it would be great for a bathroom because dark grout can hide a lot of scum.  

Note:  DIY sites say dark grout can highlight sloppy work, so don't phone it in.

Stoker (2013) - Surprisingly, the least creepy room in this house.

Anna Spiro

Anna Spiro

Steven Gambrel

Steven Gambrel


Jeffrey Alan Marks used this look on the show Million Dollar Decorators when he redesigned the bathroom of his Crossfit gym.  He said he likes the look because it reminds him of a 50's locker room in a boys prep school.  

JAM  on Million Dollar Decorators

JAM on Million Dollar Decorators

And it all comes back to Mary McDonald

So I was watching Million Dollar Decorators (THE BEST SHOW ON PLANET EARTH!)  and there was this one episode where Jeffrey Alan Marks has a client who is obsessed with Mary McDonald and goes completely bananas about one of her lamps (because she is a decorating superstar who also has a line of super fancy retail items). 

As luck would have it, I was watching The Mindy Project, and I noticed that this same lamp (different color) is in Mindy's office.  And I was like, Hold Everything!  That's one of Mary's!


This is the Lamp!

This is the Lamp!

The Mindy Project

I'm sure you thought the case was closed, but in fact, I then trolled the internet to confirm that Mary sells that lamp in that color, and then discovered that the lamp costs $500, and then sighed and dreamed of a time when buying a $500 lamp was a totally normal thing to do.  The end.