Seeing as I fell in love with the wallpaper in Oldboy, I thought it would be easy to write about Stoker (2013).  It is the director's, Chan-wook Park's, first English language film.  And it was off to a good start.  I love the pops of color.

Red door!  Yellow umbrella!

What color is the dashing uncles room?  Blue!!!

But then it takes a turn.........Tell me these are not the ugliest bedrooms you have ever seen.  I love architectural salvage, but this is too much.

Stoker - Mother's bedroom (aka a set from the Blade Trilogy)

Stoker - Mother's bedroom (aka a set from the Blade Trilogy)

Stoker - Daughter's bedroom (aka jaundice)

Stoker - Daughter's bedroom (aka jaundice)

And the bedrooms are not the most offensive rooms in the house.....

The piano room could double as the lobby for a 90's boutique hotel.  It hits all the key notes (pun!): re-purposed Roman column, ornate corner chandelier, pooling curtains, etc.

But I have to hand it to the Set Decorator.  He or she managed to fill this room with plants, with out resorting to a fiddle leaf fig:

The Wallpaper of (the original) Oldboy


I have been planning on writing a post about the wallpaper in Oldboy (2003) for quite some time, but have been spurred to action because of the news that Spike Lee is making an American version.

Oldboy is a totally bananas Korean revenge film with very calculated production design by Seong-hie Ryu.  The main character exists in a smothering, confusing world of decay.  He moves from set to set, each with it's own excruciating kaleidoscope of colors and patterns.  



All of these sets are in stark contrast to the home of the villain.  He lives in a symmetrical, modern penthouse with iridescence green ponds and bachelor pad contraptions.