Lighting at Tantalo

I was recently working in Panama City on a reality TV show called The Hero (watch it please!), and I was generally unimpressed by the interior design down there, until the last night of my stay when I went to a restaurant/bar called Tantalo in Casco Viejo (old town).   

Now I know that hanging some Edison bulbs from the ceiling is nothing new (thank you every restaurant in Brooklyn), but there is something about how they used the wires to create this web/netting effect which was really beautiful.

Tantalo 1.jpg
Tantalo 2.jpg

They also had this two story wall covered in greens, with glowing orb lights hung all around.  It was really stunning.  

Once again, these pendant lights are not new.  What is great about them is how they are paired with the plants and the height.  

If I had any interest in avant garde theater, there would be a staging of A Midsummer Night's Dream under these lights in a heart beat.