Art on Easels

In the season 1 finale of Elementary a new set is introduced: Elegant London Art Restorer Flat.

Elementary: Season 1, Episode 24

Elementary: Season 1, Episode 24


Although the easel is functional (and there are many more in other areas of the apartment), it doubles as decorative.  

I have long desired an H frame easel for none practical purposes.  It is an elegant way to display art when you run out of walls.   

prefer the H frame easel over the tripod style.  The H frame has a more intricate design, and can allows the painting to stand upright. A tripod easel tilts the painting back more drastically.  

FYI: To pull this off, the art needs to be BIG and fabulous.  

Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan, CT.  Built  1949

Philip Johnson's Glass House in New Canaan, CT.  Built  1949

The easel concept reminds me a lot of when I visited Philip Johnson's Glass House.  The home is ultra minimal, with no walls dividing the rooms.  To delineate the living room from the bedroom, a Poussin painting was place on a steel stand.  Yes, he had a multi-million dollar room divider.