Scream Queens

Dealing with Deranged Text

Remember when that redonkulous sorority girl email went viral a few years ago?  Who knew it would be the gift that keeps on giving.  

When Ryan Murphy read it, after a period of laughing his ass off (I assume), be began to think, who is this girl?  What universe must she exist in?  Who are her friends?  What is her boyfriend like?  

And then he birthed the show: SCREAM QUEENS!

In the second to last episode, Chanel, the queen bee sorority co-president, writers her email to her sisters, and she does not mince words.  Instead of presenting this plot point as a simple voice over, we see Chanel pounding away at her computer, ranting out-loud, as the the text writes itself across her wall.  

Cut to her sisters opening the emails, and the text writing itself along their walls, ...

...toilet stalls,...

....lamp posts,....

....and even the sky!

So impressed with how a long winded email was turned into a visual experience.