murphy bed

Let's downsize!

There is something about Resource Furniture's collection of space saving furniture and murphy beds they makes me want to live in a shoe box. 

The 5th Element.  Production Designer: Dan Weil

The 5th Element.  Production Designer: Dan Weil

I can't help but be reminded of Bruce Willis's apartment in The 5th Element, where everything was hyper-space-saving.  

Resource Furniture has managed to create a line of furniture that is so attractive and functional, that it makes one dream of downsizing.  Of getting a studio in the big city and keeping life simple.   

Caveat:  The furniture is sooooooooo expensive (no surprise there). 

Minor caveat: The murphy beds look so slim that you couldn't fold up a blanket in there.  You would have to keep a basket near by where you put blankets and pillows while the bed was stowed.  This probably isn't a big deal for some people, but for others, it brings the whole thing a-tumblin' down.